We have found that the overall success of a project is enhanced when there is direct interaction between our staff and the client. Please contact us to discuss the specific details of your particular project.

Business hours are from 9AM to 5PM EST Monday through Friday.
Telephone: 857-239-9826
Toll Free: 888-929-6888
FAX: 617-249-0888
Email: services@cell-essentials.com

Please submit the following information at the beginning of a project:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Name of Principal Investigator
  • Contact Person
  • Institution Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Accounts Payable Address

Shipping/handling charges will be added to the invoice. Shipments outside the U.S.A. may incur additional charges for tariff/VAT which will be added to the client’s invoice. All payments should be made in United States of America Dollars (USD). Checks should be made out to Cell Essentials, Inc. and sent to:

Cell Essentials, Inc.
Accounts Receivable
198 Tremont Street – # 181
Boston, MA 02116