Cell Culture

Cell Culture Services

Cell Essentials facilities include Biosafety Level 2 cell culture laboratories.

We offer a variety of cell culture services tailored to meet both small and large scale needs. Cells and/or their secreted products are produced using:

  • Culture dishes, Flasks and Cell Factories
  • Roller Bottles
  • Spinner Flasks
  • Wave and Stirred Tank Bioreactors


Other services include recombinant protein expression/purification from:

  • Transient Transfected Cells
  • Stable Cell Line


To provide the best individualized service to our clients, Cell Essentials will assist in the design of each project in consultation with the project director. Please inquire for pricing and customization for your specific application

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For information on our cell culture services please call 1 (888) 929-6888 or click contact us to submit an inquiry.